What our past puppy families are saying:

Exceeded my expectations.

I am so grateful to have a Ivy Leash lab. The people behind the name are incredibly knowledgeable and caring human beings. As a result, they produce quality Labradors. Ivy Leash ensures they provide a wonderful experience for the dogs’ future families before, during, and after the puppy purchase process. I knew I could rely (and I know I still can rely) on them to answer my questions. Our on-site visits to pick out and pick up our puppy will always be fond memories of mine. The Ivy Leash facility is spacious and immaculate – it is evident the dogs are happy and healthy. But the experience doesn’t end there. Beth actively engages with and supports her Ivy Leash family. She has far exceeded my expectations, as does my lab – he is two now and simply the best. That all said, Ivy Leash is truly the epitome of a responsible lab breeder.

Melissa Alison

Goes above and beyond.

Ivy Leash goes beyond any typical standard. Beth is very particular and thoughtful with her breedings. To truly appreciate the type of dog she breeds for, you must understand just all she does behind the scenes, and what she brings to the table. She is an extremely educated person on many levels, this carry’s over into her love for breeding and providing the best bred dog for families to love. When we added our black lab Truman to our pack we were instantly blown away by how his temperament, eagerness, gentleness, ability to learn, etc far exceeded our other Lab, whom was from another breeder. He continued on to become a Therapy Dog, and when we tragically lost him to a car accident, Beth donated to a charity in his name ❤️She pours her heart and soul into the pedigree, breeding, pregnancy, nutrition, birth, early development, and so much more so that these dogs have the absolute best chance at a happy, high quality life for as long as possible. I recommend Ivy Leash to everyone, because I have seen first hand the difference in a dog bred by someone with her passion and expertise. I will always choose Ivy Leash Labradors!

Chantel Seale

Top notch.

We got our Louie from Ivy Leash in 2021 (Tamales pack of peppers litter)and I cannot say enough good things about that entire process. We researched breeders for quite awhile before choosing Ivy Leash. Then finally in October 2021, we drove over 9 hours from Maryland to pick him up and it was well worth it! Beth kept in touch and provided us with pictures and updates the entire time. The level of care, from thorough health screenings to early developmental practices and nutrition, is top notch. Beth is a responsible breeder that we trust. We highly recommend Ivy Leash!

Dana Monopoli Mitchell

Great communication.

Ivy Leash Labradors is top-notch from the day you start looking for a pup until the day
you pick your pup up. Great communication with them from checking on the pup to
updates. No hassles or run arounds. They aren’t just a dog breeder. They take the time
and make the right crosses to produce fabulous Labs. They have the cleanest and most
professional facility around. These Labs aren’t raised in a cage or locked up. They are
well taken care of and allowed to run and socialize. If you are looking for a family pet, a
hiking buddy, or a hunting buddy with a great off switch this is the place to go.
Responsible breeders make the difference.

A. Rudd

Responsible dog breeder.

I have been a dog obedience instructor in the 4-H Dog Program and for Copeland's Dog
Obedience 101 for over 21 years. I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Farm
Dog Certified Judge, Temperament Testing Judge and an evaluator for Bright and
Beautiful Therapy Dogs. I have worked with hundreds of dogs in that time period. I am
always excited to hear that I will be having a Labrador Retriever puppy coming to one of
my obedience classes that was raised by Beth Johnson of Ivy Leash Labradors. I know
the puppy will be well socialized, bold, biddable, healthy (mentally and physically), ready
for anything life throws at it and a beautiful representative of the Labrador Retriever
breed. Beth raises all her puppies using the Puppy Culture system. She exposes them to
as many sights, surface textures, sounds, and toys as she can think of as soon as they are
born. This leads to happy, confident puppies that adjust well to their new homes. Beth
has spent many hours attending different obedience classes with different teachers and
has relationships with many different well-known Labrador breeders. Beth has
researched common and not so common canine diseases and does extensive health
testing with all of her breeding dogs to make sure she is raising the healthiest puppies
possible. Beth shows her Labradors in AKC Obedience, Rally, Gun Dog, Scentwork and
Conformation. Her son also shows them in 4-H at the County and State levels. Her Labs
have earned many titles and placings when they are shown, along with earning the best
and most important title of being priceless Family Members. Beth is the epitome of a

Responsible Dog Breeder as her dogs are happy, healthy and each is treated as a valued
family member. She has many of her dogs certified as Therapy Dogs and visits nursing
homes, schools, libraries and other events bringing joy to many others. Her goal is for
her Labradors to bring as much joy to others as they have brought to her own family. I
give my highest recommendation to Ivy Leash Labradors. You will not be disappointed!

Trina Copeland

Beautiful pups inside and out.

I wanted to take the time to express how happy we are with Ivy Leash Labradors and
most especially Beth. From the very first communication all the way to meeting our flight
nanny, she was absolutely wonderful to work with. Beth kept us up to date on Lex’s
progress through pictures and videos as he grew with all of his littermates. This was
especially helpful since we were out of State and could not see for ourselves. Lex has
been an absolute joy and perfect addition to our family. He is so loving and he has
become our Yorkie’s best buddy. I would highly recommend Ivy Leash Labradors to
anyone looking for a new addition to their family. Just beautiful pups inside and out.

K. Kent

Highly recommend.

Our sweet Mai Tai came to us from Ivy Leash Labradors and I cannot be more thankful!
She has been an incredible addition to our family. From the very beginning we felt very
comfortable and confident with our decision. Not only did they send us home with all of
the necessary paperwork and information but they continue to be available to us with any
questions we may have. At any point I can reach out to them and they are so helpful with
tips and advice. They also encourage pictures and updates which warms my heart
knowing that they are fully invested in the lives of their puppies as they grow and mature
into sweet members of their forever families. I highly recommend Ivy Leash Labradors to
everyone that falls in love with our lovely little Mai Tai.

J. Kramer

Very thankful.

We met Beth in April of 2017 when we bought our puppy Ginger from her. You can tell
immediately when you meet Beth that she loves her Labradors. Beth is so kind and
caring. Her facility is immaculate and she raises the best dogs. We are so thankful that
we saw the Facebook post advertising her puppies. We love our Ginger! We wished we
lived closer so that Ginger could visit Beth.

C. Allred

Incredible experience.

Our experience with Ivy Leash Labradors has been incredible. Beth and Monty were
extremely welcoming and their facilities are immaculate. Seeing their process and the
environment the dogs are provided helped us understand how much they care about each
litter. Our boy, Henry, is playful, healthy, and beautiful. We would do it all over again
and just might when we’re ready to add to our family.

P. Anderegg

Highly Recommend.

It took me awhile to locate the pup I was searching for. I wanted both parents to be
health tested, a beautiful pup, and a kennel with good communication from the start. Ivy
Leash Labradors provided all of the above. There were lots of pictures, always available
for questions, a clear contract, and a great delivery plan. I am so happy with my girl
Remi. She is beautiful, well rounded, and easy to train. I highly recommend anyone who
is searching for a new puppy to check out Ivy Leash Labradors. I’ve had a great
experience with them.

T. Roofe

We added some chocolate to our lives, and we highly recommend it.

As a professional in the animal welfare industry, the idea of buying a puppy from a breeder was never a thought that crossed my mind. Coming from a role that dealt with overpopulation, stray animals, and unwanted dogs, the concept of intentionally breeding more animals always made me upset. However, as things in life sometimes go, two main events transpired to alter my perception. I had a (rare!) unfortunate experience with a rescue dog that resulted in euthanasia due to behavioral and aggression issues. Additionally,  I learned and researched the true concept of overpopulation, just to learn that in relatively close “future” times, there will not be enough dogs to fulfill the demand. When it came time to consider bringing a new four legged family member into the home, I was more open to the idea of going to a breeder – provided that they were informed, responsible, and in the business for the right reason. When two veterinarian coworkers shared with me that they had purchased a puppy from Ivy Leash Labradors, I already felt confident in the decision. But then, Beth and Monty, without hesitation, allowed us to visit their home, meet the dogs, and see their facility. That reassured us even more. Fast forward to several months later, and we were bringing home our puppy! She has been with us for just over a month now. We get so many comments about how beautiful she is, how perfect her build is, and how you can tell she will grow to be a textbook example of a Labrador. More importantly, though, you can truly tell how much time Ivy Leash put into raising a healthy, well-adjusted puppy. She is the youngest in her puppy class, but excels! She is unbothered by most loud noises, new places, and first-time experiences. She is outgoing, but willing to learn. And most importantly, she completes our home. In my boyfriend’s words, “We added some chocolate to our lives, and we highly recommend it.” I would without a doubt recommend Ivy Leash Labradors to anyone looking to add a pile of floof to their lives. <3

Proud owner of an Ivy Leash puppy (Beau x Eska, 2022)

All the right reasons.

My wife and I are very privileged to be associated and friends with Beth Johnson and her
kennel, Ivy Leash Labradors. We first met Beth in the summer of 2014 when we acquired
a puppy from her. Since then we have grown to be family friends and admirers of her
kennel. I have grown to appreciate Beth in many ways. First and foremost, she is the
smartest and most knowledgeable breeder of Labrador Retrievers that I have known. Her
understanding and use of genetic and medical testing to ensure quality dogs for breeding
results in outstanding litters. I know first hand the planning and effort Beth puts into each
pairing. She does not take it casually. Secondly I have never been around a breeder who
has invested so heavily into facilities and equipment to provide the best environment for
her dogs and puppies. To say her kennel is impressive is frankly and understatement.
Finally, she loves her dogs and each puppy she raises. I have seen Beth in tears when
they leave with their forever families. Each puppy is special to her. I know why she
breeds Labradors and it is for all the right reasons. I am a waterfowl hunter and our
Labs have all been “working pets” trained for fieldwork and household living. After 39-
years of experience with Labradors I feel as though I have a good knowledge of the breed
characteristics and disposition. With that stated, I would recommend that if you want a
Lab that will be the best possible companion, Ivy Leash Labradors is whom you should

M. Wright

Excellent Breeders.

We can’t say enough about the fine folks and pups at Ivy Leash Labradors. We have
made two of their pups apart of our family over the past few years and have influenced
many others to do the same. All of us are overjoyed with the pups and the entire
experience. Beth and Monty are first class as are their pups and facilities. They provide
great care and the best experience when searching for that special addition to your
family. We are a Labrador family and have had a Labrador(s) in our family for the past
40+ years. I can say without a doubt that as we move forward, Ivy Leash is the only
place we will turn to when we choose to extend our family. In fact, with the care and
concern they have shown to us over the years we consider Beth and Monty as part of our
extended family.

J. Parlapiano

Beth is an amazing breeder!

I have purchased two puppies from Ivy Leash Labradors. We didn’t just gain two new
family members but also gained a lifelong friendship with Beth and Monty. Beth has been
super supportive with out dogs and taught me so much. I value her knowledge and her
friendship. I would highly recommend Beth and her puppies!

Shannon Sims- Harris

The breeder truly loves her dogs.

She is an expert on labradors, is generous with he knowledge and tips. The dogs… oh man. I got the best pup in the whole world. It is all I can do not to get one every time she has a litter.
Sally Jacobs Clymer

Ivy Leash and the owner/breeder, Beth, are true gems!

I own a small kennel in Indiana and Ivy Leash was recommended by a friend for stud utilization. Beth and I spoke many times and my Dam, Lodi, visited Knight for several days with successful pairings. Beth went above and beyond any other stud host we’ve experienced, and I can’t thank her enough! Her passion for the breed and producing happy and healthy pups is evident. Knight is beautiful and such a gentleman. I highly recommend Ivy Leash Labradors if you’re looking for a stud or a quality puppy!
These are photos of our Lodi, and Knight!
Keli Shellenberger